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Pressure Washing

At Commercial Cleaning & Restoration, carpet care is just the beginning! Concrete power washing and cleaning is a common request when maintaining a residence or a commercial facility. We use our state-of-the-art equipment to tackle large or small pressure washing jobs throughout the Tucson area. This includes residential and commercial pressure washing needs.

First Impressions Count

The main area that show the majority of dirt, grime, oil and grease are also typically some of the first areas customers or guests see. What impression are you giving? Residential driveways or the entrance to your facility and parking lot are prime candidates for Commercial Cleaning & Restoration’s Pressure Washing services. Did you know that concrete becomes porous and collects the grease and oil after years of driving and walking on it? Professional pressure washing can help prolong the life of your concrete area and prevent “pit row” from forming.

Whether it is a driveway, parking lot, or building exterior the overall appearance of your structure can be dramatically improved with occasional pressure washing.

A front yard or facility entrance marred with grease and grime is NOT the first impression you want to send. Let Commercial Cleaning & Restoration clean it up for you.

Powered With the Right Equipment

Power washing along with do-it-yourself equipment is not enough to clean some things, such as petroleum saturated concrete. By using the right solutions such as 240-degree water and 3500 psi equipment coupled with our Commercial Cleaning & Restoration experts we can literally transform the appearance of any driveway, entrance, or parking lot.

When it comes to pressure washing, Commercial Cleaning & Restoration is the most professional in Tucson and surrounding areas!

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