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Ice Cubes in Carpet

Area Rug Cleaning

Thanksgiving is a four-day food fest. December sees a slew of holidays, capped off by New Year’s festivities. The holiday bacchanalia doesn’t just take a toll on our waistlines — it also can wreak havoc with our treasured area rugs. After being squashed under parties and sloshed with festive beverages, it’s time for some area […]

Spotting Video

[hana-flv-player video=”” width=”450″ height=”” description=”Spot Out!” player=”4″ /] Commercial Carpet Cleaning Spot Out is very effective. Download our instructions pdf flyer here.

Irrigation Drainage

Many homeowners forget to check for a leading cause of water damage to their home: Poor irrigation direction in their lawns, gardens, and landscaping in general. A simple guide to judge your irrigation’s efficiency is: Dig garden trenches with a downward slope away from the house You should be able to see part (at least […]

Window Leaks

Detecting a window leak is a lot easier said than done. Unless you are seeing visible dripping during a storm, you are unlikely to “catch them in the act.” If you suspect leakage, look for staining around the corners of window sills after a storm. Look for signs of any possible paint bubbling. The drywall […]

Pro and DIY Roof Inspections

If your roof is the first line of defense for your home, then a roof inspection is the first line of defense for your roof! The best times to have your roof inspected are at the beginning of the rainy season, when any structural damage will be quickly exposed, and toward the end of the […]

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