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Tile Cleaning – Call 520-297-4736

Need your floors deep cleaned? Tired of scrubbing the floors by hand. Tired of that dirty looking grout? Want your floors sparkling for the holidays or safe enough for children to play on? Get your floors clean today!

Dirt can build up over time and make your floors look discolored and dull. Sometimes mopping pushes dirt into the grout causing it to change color. No matter how hard your scrub, your floors will never be as clean as a professional cleaner can get them. Commercial Cleaning & Restoration uses specialized equipment and techniques to remove dirt, mold, and grime. We will have your floors looking new again!

We are ready and able to help. Call today to set up your cleaning appointment.

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Area Rug Cleaning – Call 520-297-4736

Pet hair or stains on your area rugs got you feeling down? When was the last time you had the rugs in your house cleaned? Let us get your rugs looking new again!

Commercial Cleaning & Restoration specializes in cleaning all types of area rugs and flooring. Proper care will make your rugs last a lifetime. This should include regular professional cleaning. We are premier experts in cleaning wool, silk, cotton, and various blends. We pick up and deliver.

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Water Damage – 24/7 – Call 520-297-4736

Every time a Monsoon storm hits Tucson, someone’s house gets flooded. During the monsoons we also expect to see other types of water damage.

  • Small roof leaks
  • Window leaks
  • AC Condensation Line backup

We are ready and able to help. Please call any time of day or night.

If any of this has happened to you we feel your pain. We’ve been there ourselves. Any structure that has water damage is a breeding ground for mold. It only takes 2 days for damp wet areas to start growing mold. Ever forget wet clothes in a washing machine and see how fast it gets smelly and moldy? Well picture that in your walls or carpeting.

Contact us immediately if you have water damage so we can quickly dry it out and stop mold in its tracks!

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Water Damage

Tucson’s Carpet Cleaning Experts Since 1985

Family-owned and operated since it started in 1985, Commercial Carpet Cleaning Inc. dba Commercial Cleaning & Restoration is the leading Tucson cleaning expert in carpet, tile, area rug, and hard surface maintenance. We also specialize in comprehensive water damage restoration services and effective mold remediation.

Homeowners, residential property managers, and commercial facilities managers all find that Commercial Cleaning & Restoration owners Richard and Margret Huebner personally ensure that every customer and their property are treated with courtesy, respect, and the utmost professionalism.

Commercial Cleaning & Restoration performs every service with a level of knowledge and expertise that is simply unmatched. You won’t find a better company for complete floor care and water restoration in Tucson!

Awards & Recognition

2014 BBB Torch Award for Customer Excellence

2013 Copper Cactus Finalist for Business Growth

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