Difficult Stains to Remove

I am sure you have seen our post on Facebook about which stain is harder to remove. Here are your answers and we hope you enjoy! Coffee Stains Coffee stains are easiest to remove, especially if most of the liquid is blotted up immediately. It is an added bonus if your carpet has a protector […]

Tips for Getting a Deposit Back

It is that time of year. You know, when the weather starts to warm up, your current lease is about to expire and you have that feeling to start looking for your next home. Whether this is your first rental you will be leaving or not, renters sometimes do not know what occurs during the […]

Managing Properties Tips

This week we highlight some great tips for property managers and individuals with rental properties to keep them in top condition! As a full service carpet cleaning, restoration, and mold remediation company, we have seen it all over the years. These guidelines can help protect you, the owners, and the tenants. Guidelines to Protect Everyone […]

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