A Top Commercial Flooring Trend: Carpet Tile

Carpet Tile: A Top Commercial Flooring Trend

If you’re considering replacing the carpet in your business or tenant property, consider Carpet Tile as a hot commercial flooring trend that we expect to continue to grow for the new year.

Carpet Tile

You may be wondering, what are Carpet Tiles?  Carpet tiles are squares of carpet that have been designed to be directly installed over a hard-surface floor.

Over the years, facilities have moved away from carpets in common areas. But carpeting is increasing in popularity for individual offices. Carpet creates a warmer, more inviting space. It also absorbs sound, unlike concrete or tile, allowing office tenants to have a more private and quiet space to work.

Carpet is typically bulky, cumbersome, and hard to replace. If just one small area of the carpet is damaged or stained, you may have to replace the entire thing. Carpet tiles have changed all that! One main advantage to carpet tiles is that they’re wonderful for tenants and offices. If one spot gets damaged? No problem! Simply take out that one tile and replace it with a new one. The days of replacing your entire floor are over.

Carpet tiles are a great flooring option because they…

  • are durable and long-lasting
  • adds beauty and design to your space
  • easy to clean and it’s easy to replace a damaged carpet tile

Carpet tiles are replacing hard surfaces as well as regular wall-to-wall carpeting.

How Do You Clean Carpet Tile?

While the cleaning techniques required are mostly the same as in residential cleaning. But commercial carpets, including carpet tiles, are subjected to footwear in excess.

Try to imagine the many industries that will use carpet tiles.

Restaurants worry about kitchen grease getting tracked throughout by servers. Offices have a lot of foot traffic including work boots that carry oils and chemicals between factory and warehouse spaces. Because of this excess wear and tear, it is important to have your commercial carpets cleaned regularly. Therefore, this will keep your investment looking good for years to come.

Be careful who you call to do your carpet tile cleaning. If you are considering putting carpet tiles in your business, at some point you will need to consider Commercial Cleaning & Restoration.  We are an IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification) Certified Firm and our technicians are trained on the proper cleaning of this type of flooring.

Richard Huebner, the owner, holds master-level certifications and has achieved the level of Certified Carpet Inspector. This means that carpet mills and installation and retail companies often hire him as an unbiased third party to determine where something went wrong during the manufacturing, installation, or cleaning process. We know our carpets!

We have great rates and flexible schedules, so we can clean at a time that is convenient for you and your staff.  Call Commercial Cleaning & Restoration 520-214-4376 for a FREE ESTIMATE.

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