Avoiding Monsoon Water Damage

Avoiding Monsoon Water Damage

Avoiding Monsoon Water Damage

Commercial Cleaning & Restoration | Avoiding Monsoon Water Damage

Monsoon 2021 has arrived! Some areas of Tucson have been hit hard with rain while other areas have received very little. The Monsoon water damage we are seeing has been caused several years of intense heat and lack of rainfall.

There are a few extra precautions you should take to make sure that your home is fully prepared for the drenching rain. Read on to discover what areas of your home suffer the most from Tucson’s intensive heat.

Commercial Cleaning & Restoration | Avoiding Monsoon Water Damage


The sun is not kind to your home’s exterior paint. Look for bubbling, chipping, and flaking paint. Paint damage can leave bare patches that lead to leaks and leaks lead to water damage.


Your home’s roof really takes a beating in Tucson’s heat. Direct, hot sun will cause blistering and cracking on any roof material. High temperatures expand your roofing materials during the day, and cooler temperatures contract the materials at night. Constant expansion and contraction strain your roof making it more likely to leak. Leaks lead to water damage.


The rising summer temperature and the drought make the water evaporate from your home’s foundation. It causes leaks, cracks, and also weakens the foundation. The high temperature also makes the soil dry and it causes foundation settling. The foundation settling is one of the major causes of an uneven foundation and cracks that leads to leaks.


Another part of your home that is at risk in a dry summer is your plumbing pipes. Connecting every drain, every sink, every appliance, and every toilet to the sewer is your sewer line. Because the sewer line is located on the exterior, it bears the full brunt of monsoon season. If pipes are not sealed correctly, they are much more likely to leak, or even burst, with the extra pressure that a sudden rainfall adds.

Commercial Cleaning & Restoration | Avoiding Monsoon Water Damage
Commercial Cleaning & Restoration | Avoiding Monsoon Water Damage with mold inspection


Sudden changes in the temperature can change the shape and size of your window frames. As your windows age, you will notice noticeable gaps between the window frame and the sill. This breaks the window seal and creates areas where rainfall can enter.


The effects of excessive heat on your home should not be underestimated! Roofing, foundations, paint, and windows are especially vulnerable. Regular maintenance now will go a long way in protecting your home from upcoming monsoon water damage

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Summer is here in full heatwave fashion and that means your home air conditioner is working overtime to keep your home cool, as we go over the 100 degree mark.

Water damage from an air conditioning condensation line leak is common but usually goes unnoticed which makes them prone to mold growth. So how do you prevent A/C condensation line leaks? The most important thing you can do is clean the line annually before Tucson gets humid.


  1. When you have a water damage emergency, the sooner someone can start removing water and begin drying, the better. Water losses increase with every hour that passes, and that is why we GUARANTEE that we will be on our way to your location as soon as you call.
  2. Most homeowners insurance policies will help cover water damage if the cause is sudden and accidental. We work closely with your insurance company to provide you with comprehensive service no matter what size the job. Our extensive knowledge and years of experience working with insurance companies allow us to make the claim process simple for you.
  3. There are three categories of water damage: Category 1: the water is not contaminated; Category 2: the water is contains enough contamination to cause sickness if consumed, an Category 3: the water is contaminated with toxins that can cause serious injury. Defining the water damage will determine the type of cleanup needed.

See more facts about water damage cleanup >

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Homeowners and/or property insurance does not cover certain types of water damage.

  1. Damage from unresolved maintenance issues
  2. Replacing or repairing the source of the water damage
  3. Water backup from an outside sewer or drain
  4. Flood damage


Flood insurance covers damages due to floods and flooding (i.e, monsoon floods). While your homeowners insurance may pay for water damage due to broken pipes, flood insurance kicks in when water comes at you over the ground such as rainstorms that flood your yard or monsoon storm surge. Like homeowners policies, flood insurance covers your house and possessions.

All homeowners policies exempt flood damage!

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