Water Damage

Water Damage

Water damage needs to be taken care of quickly! As a result of overflowing water or flood damage, the mess can result in mold growing quickly. Commercial Cleaning and Restoration will help you. We are knowledgeable and have professional equipment. No situation is too big or small. CCR will restore your home or business back to working order.

How We Can Help

Commercial Cleaning and Restoration is available 24 hours for emergency water damage clean up. Call us and we are on our way to help you with your particular situation.

  • At CCR, we understand the best way to dry things out. We have professional drying equipment and knowledgeable staff. Our staff can help get your home or business dry as soon as possible.
  • Our staff is experienced, certified, and up to date on the latest industry standards. 
  • We work for you and want to take away the stress of the situation you are in. By calling us, you are shortening the amount of time for the cleanup process.

Reasons Why Water Damage Needs to be Dealt With Fast

In the right conditions, it only takes two days for mold to start growing in wet or damp places. As an example, have you ever picked up a wet towel that was laying on the floor for a few days? It smells terrible! As a result of the damp warm conditions, mold is starting to grow on the towel. Therefore flooding from any source causes the flooring, walls, and furniture to get wet. Consequently, the potential for mold can take hold. If the source of water damage is overflowing sewage or outside water from flooding coming into a building, this subsequently causes deadly bacteria and viruses to grow

What to do First

Firstly, make sure the electricity is off before you walk through standing water! Secondly, if the water is coming from a broken pipe or something of that sort, get the water source turned off. Thirdly, carefully assess the damage. Most importantly, call Commercial Cleaning and Restoration NOW to help you get things cleaned up and dried out. 520-214-6846

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