Cause of Window Leaks The cause of window leaks can be hard to detect. A window leak can cause mold and water damage. Unless you are seeing visible dripping during a storm, you are unlikely to “catch them in the act.” If you suspect leakage, look for staining around the corners of window sills after a storm. Look for signs of any possible paint bubbling. The drywall may be brittle and chalky in areas where moisture sat recently. If you see mold growing on the walls around a window or below the window, there could be a leak inside the wall.

Cause of Window Leaks

If there is a noticeable leak during adverse weather, call a window installer to double check caulking and the window’s fit. Other reasons for window leaks could be voids in the sealer and wooden window frames coming loose from brick houses. If you have mold and water damage issues, call Commercial Cleaning and Restoration.

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