Dealing with Contaminated Water Damage?

Dealing with Contaminated Water DamageWhen it comes to water damage cleanup and restoration, everyone knows that moisture is definitely the enemy. Water can penetrate into tiny cracks and just about any space possible. Thus causing structural damage to your home or property. No matter what kind of moisture is getting into your home, you should respond the same way. Always bring in a certified professional as soon as possible. Having a professional come in will clean the water spill, dry the air, and ensure there are no lingering health problems. Also to help make sure there Is no more moisture in you home to help avoid mold.

Contaminated Water Damage

Do not try to handle water damage cleanup on your own if it came from a contaminated source. Water from floods or from sewage contain backflows that contain a cocktail of deadly bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Momentary skin contact could even leave a person seriously ill. When you hire a professional, they will use the right tools to get the job done right to eliminate the moisture. With having the right equipment, they can get the job done faster and more effective. They also have the right protective gear unlike most of us, to stay free from contaminants in the water.

Proper Equipment Makes a Difference

Professionals have many different types of equipment that we can not get or do not have for water damage cleanup. Some of this equipment may include, high power vacuums, dehumidifiers, moisture meters, or even detergents that help remove bacteria. The danger of having water damage is that if you do not start immediately, then you risk having the growth of mold. Mold will grow in damp environments and will start within 24-48 hours of having water damage. Many professionals will not only clean up the water, they will also find and help prevent mold from growing. Using their right equipment can clean the affected air in the home. This will help to make sure your home is safe to live in after having water damage.

Most people think once the water has been removed, their home is fine. However, when you have had a flood or water damage, you could be at risk of structural damage. Many of us can clean up the water on our own. When we do that, we risk not getting all the mold removed, or do not notice structure damage. This is why it is very important to have professionals come in when water damage has been done. This will ensure safe quality air to breathe, along with having a safe structured home to live in. Thus, hiring a professional can definitely be cheaper in the long run.


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