Difficult Stains to Remove

Difficult Stains to Remove

Difficult Stains to Remove

example of stains in carpet that are hard to remove I am sure you have seen our post on Facebook about which stain is harder to remove from carpet. Here are your answers and we hope you enjoy!

Coffee Stains

Coffee stains are easiest to remove, especially if most of the liquid is blotted up immediately. It is an added bonus if your carpet has a protector on it to ensure it does not penetrate the fibers (as long as the coffee is not hot, which can melt the protective layer). Carpet fibers have dye sites that allow stains to penetrate the fibers and become permanent. The purpose of adding carpet protector is to fill those dye sites, preventing permanent stain penetration and promoting easier removal.

Red Stains

Red stains can be tricky to get out of carpet. It all depends on whether the red color is organic. What does that mean? It means that a red stain from red wine is created by an organic component. It contains no dyes to create the color, therefore making it easier to remove. Red stains from soft drinks, Kool-Aid products, or anything containing red #40, which is a food dye additive and a synthetic chemical, makes it more difficult to extract. It is best to immediately blot –not scrub- the liquid with a white before drying for best results.

Pet Stains

Pet stains are in fact difficult to remove. A common issue with pet stains is that the stain appears clean; however, it is still visible on the backing of the carpet. If enough saturation occurs, pet urine will penetrate to the carpet pad and subfloor. This will cause odor to linger, which requires a processed called pet decontamination. There are different categories to determine how contaminated your carpet may be. Below is an explanation of each.

Category 1

A small pet decontamination job is defined as two or three urine stains in a standard 10×12 room. To remove the urine and odor, it is treated topically with an enzyme and flushed thoroughly with the water claw. Once the urine is extracted, the whole room is cleaned.

Category 2

Medium pet decontamination is defined as an area within a room where a pet has chosen to continuously urinate in the same area several times. This requires pulling back the carpet in the affected area, removing the padding, cleaning the subfloor, cleaning both sides of the carpet, installing a new carpet pad, reattaching the carpet, and cleaning the entire room.

Category 3

Large pet decontamination is defined as more than one-third of the carpeted areas being affected in a room. In this instance, all carpet and padding is removed and properly disposed of. Any tack strips that are contaminated are also removed. The subfloor will then be cleaned and sealed with pigmented shellac (odor barrier). After this is completed, new carpet and padding can be installed without the worry of odor penetration.

Ink Stains

Ink stains are extremely hard to remove and are almost never guaranteed. It is recommended to use a professional to attempt the removal. Typically, when an individual attempts to clean ink stains themselves, it more than likely smears into the carpet fibers, therefore, making the stain worse.

Call the Professional Stain Removers Today!

Like CCC always says, there is no stain too tough for us. We are talking about pesky stains such as bleach, stubborn red, or even ink stains. We offer carpet repair services to make those unsightly stains disappear in the blink of an eye! The best part: nobody will ever know. If you or anybody you know has stained carpet and needs assistance, contact us or refer your friends and family to Commercial Carpet Cleaning.  Thank you!


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