Do You Know The Real Color Of Your Carpet?

Do You Know The Real Color Of Your Carpet?

Do You Know The Real Color Of Your Carpet?

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Do you know the real color of your carpets? But is the color you’re seeing really the color of your carpet or is it  actually the color of everything that’s in your carpet?

People don’t realize that over time as more dirt enters your home and gets lodged in your carpet, the color of your carpet can change. It becomes dull and slowly accumulates a brownish tint. This change usually happens  over long periods of time and it is almost hard to notice except for your traffic patterns start to look dingy. 


“A homeowner had the shock of their life after realizing their chic dark grey carpet was in fact beige. The homeowner watched during as a professional cleaning company came in changed the carpet color in seconds as they removed layers of dirt.

Thousands of people have commented on this TikTok video as they discovered the carpet’s true shade wasn’t grey. Some commenters suggested the owner just throw out the carpet, while others looked at their own carpet wondering if that was the original color or dirt.”

We have great news. There are steps you can take that will have you falling in love with your original carpet color all over again.

What To Do When You Don’t Know The Real Color Of Your Carpet

What is the real color of your carpet? Step 1 vacuum carpets

1. Try to Vacuum It Out

Carpet hides dirt and soil, which can change the original carpet color’s appearance. A light beige carpet can appear more gray. Usually, the original color isn’t lost; it’s hidden under a layer of soil. (Oily soils may actually cause the carpet color to permanently change.)
Vacuuming is extremely important because 78% of the dirt is dry soil. Not only does vacuuming help remove the dirt particles that dull the color, but it also increases the longevity of your carpet. Weekly vacuuming will keep your carpet clean and improve it’s appearance and beauty for a long time. Vacuum on!

2. Treat Stains & Spills Immediately

  • Sugary liquids, sticky food, and grease—these are the bane of beautiful carpet. Don’t let stains sit in your carpet because it will be harder to remove later. Clean stains and spills as soon as possible after it occurs.
  • For a wet stain or spill, blot the spot using several layers of paper towels or a white cotton rag and place them over the wet spot. Step on the paper towel to lift the spot. Repeat the process several times.
  •  For a dry stain, work a liberal amount of cleaning solution (check out our Spot Out Spot Remover) into the carpet fibers using your fingers, a spatula, or a spoon. The use paper towels or a white cotton rag an blog the spot. Repeat several times.
What is the real color of your carpet? Step 2 clean stains immediately
What is the real color of your carpet? Step 3 hire a professional carpet cleaning company

3. Get a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

If you’ve ever had your carpets professionally cleaned, you know how loud it can be if you’re out by the truck. The motors are so powerful and really give your carpets the deep cleaning that they need. We can get rid of stains and odors in your carpeting that you could not get out. Hiring professional carpet cleaning service providers can ensure clean and neat carpets while leaving you free to do other more important things.

Should You Choose a Carpet Color That Hides the Stains?

When selecting a new carpet, many factors play a role in the decision, but one stands out more than the rest: color. Most homeowners want the color of their carpet to match their home and furniture, but color can also conceal dirt, heavy foot traffic, and stains.

Vacuuming might be tempting to skip over when you don’t see the accumulation of dirt and pet hair on the carpet. Carpet cleaning not only protects your carpet, it also offers numerous health benefits including…

Commercial Cleaning & Restoration | Carpet Cleaning Improved Home Hygiene
A dirty carpet can worsen allergies or cause asthma symptoms by harboring indoor pollutants, including cockroach allergens, pet dander, and particle pollution.

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality
    Air quality is extremely important in your home and by cleaning a dirty carpet, you’ll have cleaner air and carpet as well.

When it comes to carpet cleaning, man-made materials like nylon and olefin are easier to clean up. Olefin is great at spills of liquids but actually attracts oils. Nylon, on the other hand, is great at repelling both. Wool is a great natural option because it is stain resistant to spills and it repels oils – but it is pricey for wall-to-carpeting – primarily used for area rugs. 

The Best Option For Professional Carpet Cleaning

Dirty carpets are hard to accept… especially with little babies crawling and laying on the carpets.

Even if you vacuum regularly (2-3 times per week), don’t wear shoes inside, don’t have pets, and rarely eat anything in carpeted areas, you will accumulate dust, human hair, dead skin cells, little bugs, pollen, etc. It gets embedded into your carpet fibers on a daily basis — just from normal life.

Knowing that you get all our carpets thoroughly deep cleaned by a professional will gives you a little more peace of mind. That may sound strange, but having your carpeting look and feel brand new is wonderful!

Cleaning Carpet

  • We use less water when cleaning for quicker drying carpets
  • We use cleaning products that do not harm your pets/family and we even have a green line of products.

Contact us if you have a mess that can’t wait! We’re in this Together!

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