Whenever your Tucson home or business is flooded, it is a serious situation that requires a proactive approach to reduce your total losses and to protect the health of your family or employees during and after cleanup. Knowing what you should and shouldn’t do, and what the potential risks are will put your mind at ease and reduce your stress during an emergency flood situation.

Flood Cleanup Tips and Risks

Evaluate the Situation

If you experience a flood, whether it is from flash flooding, a broken pipe, a faulty appliance, or some other source, take a moment to evaluate the situation before taking any action. Is the source of the water stopped? How extensive is the damage? Is there a risk for an electrical shock? Is water contaminated or unsafe? Will the water damage spread and affect other areas of the building?

After you address these basic questions, you can take action to stop the water and begin flood cleanup. If the damage is extensive, consider hiring a Tucson flood and water damage restoration professional who will extract the water, dry the affected area, and restore the property to pre-loss condition.

Develop a Plan of Action

Whether you have suffered a small water loss or a large scale flood, quick action is necessary to prevent additional damage and to prevent mold growth. The water should be extracted as quickly as possible, and the area should be dry in no more than 24-48 hours. Water can seep into and saturate drywall, insulation, and floorboards, hidden from view and causing problems later on.

Water losses may or may not be covered by insurance depending on the source of the water. If you hire a water damage restoration company after a water loss, they will work directly with your insurance provider on your claim. For large-scale water losses, it is recommended that you hire a water damage professional.

Take Action to Reduce Damages

The actions you take after experiencing a water loss can make a big difference. Whether something can be restored after water damage will depend on the type and duration of the exposure. Water damage is often reversible when dealt with quickly, as long as the water does not contain harmful contaminants.

Many items including furniture and personal belongings can be recovered and restored by a professional after water damage. If water damage is a result of sewage or floodwaters, many times things like carpeting and upholstered furniture cannot be recovered.

 Water Damage Restoration in Tucson

Water damage can cause significant damage, both directly and indirectly through mold growth. Hiring a professional for flood cleanup in Tucson ensures that your property is restored to pre-loss condition quickly and safely. Commercial Cleaning & Restoration provides water damage restoration for both commercial and residential properties in the Tucson area.

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