Hidden Health Risks in Your Tile & Grout

Hidden Health Risks in Your Tile & Grout Your tile and grout floor probably take a beating with heavy traffic. Dirt and other small particles can get trapped in the pores of the tile and grout. This makes your tile and grout look dirty no matter how often you clean them. These small dirt particles get trapped inside the pores of the tile and grout. This means that they are keeping in the smell and trapping the dirt inside. Tile can lock in odors from your feet, shoes, drinks, and even food. Over time, this leaves your tile smelling with an odor that can’t be removed unless it’s done professionally.

Hidden Health Risks in Your Tile & Grout

Recent studies discovered that there were many different types of bacteria found in grout and tile floors. They also found that many types of these bacteria could lead to infection in your eyes, lungs, or even stomach.

Dealing with Dirty Tile

Stained and dirty tiles can definitely bring down the warmth and comfort inside of your home. Most times it takes heavy-duty machines and cleaning chemicals to get through the dirt and grime in your tile and grout. Many people put off tile cleaning because it’s either too hard or simply because they can’t get great results. When you have a professional come in to clean your tile and grout, they have machines that are not accessible to the public. These professional teams like Commercial Cleaning & Restoration have the knowledge and the skills required to make sure you get great results with your tile and grout.

Dirty Tile Can Start to Smell

Having professionals come clean your tile and grouted floors can often time be expensive to people, but this is definitely the cheaper way to go instead of having your floors completely replaced. Not only will this save you from having to replace your floors but also dealing with the frustration of doing the cleaning in your home.

A great tip to follow after your tile has been cleaned is to vacuum or even sweep before you mop to help reduce dirt particles from getting stuck inside the pores of the tile and grout. Also, only use cleaning particles that have been approved for the job. Using too harsh of chemicals can could damage your floors, making them look worse. A great rule of thumb to follow is if you notice your tile smells, this will be a great reminder to let you know your need to have your tile professionally cleaned again.



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