Holiday Carpet Cleaning Special: Keep The Memories, Not the Stains!

Holiday Carpet Cleaning Special: Keep The Memories, Not the Stains!

Holiday Carpet Cleaning Special: Keep The Memories, Not the Stains!

Holiday Carpet Cleaning Special: Keep The Memories, Not the Stains!

Thank you for your help this year in making Commercial Cleaning and Restoration so successful. We couldn’t have done it without you. This year, we’re having a special offer for you called “Keep the memories, not the stains!” During the holiday season, there is a lot of fun and happiness, but it also means a lot of mess. That is why any holiday carpet cleaning booked for December will get you a free touch-up in January.

We found many people weren’t sure what made more sense… Clean the carpets before or after the holidays. We thought… why not give everyone the best of both worlds and offer you a holiday carpet cleaning deal before the holiday festivities and give you a free touch-up in January! We’re excited to do this again! This was a really fun special that everyone seemed to enjoy. We hope you can use this offer to tell your friends about it.

Happy Holidays from the Commercial Cleaning and Restoration Team.

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Serenity Is The Peaceful Sensation You Feel When You Hire A Carpet Cleaning Service

Take Advantage of Our Holiday Carpet Cleaning Special

Four Great Reasons to Get Your Carpet Cleaned BEFORE the Holidays

This is an excellent time to prepare your home for the holidays. Before the decorations go up and shopping and holiday chores increase to a frantic pace, take advantage of our holiday carpet cleaning special and have your carpets professionally cleaned.

Wait! You may wonder if cleaning your carpets after the holidays is a better idea. Your carpet and furniture may end up looking stained and spotted as a result of increased foot traffic, dropped food and drinks, and muddy footprints.

There’s no denying that the holidays can cause dirty carpets, so here’s some information to help you decide whether to clean now or later.

#1. Stain Removal is Easier on Clean Carpets

Stains can be more difficult to remove when your carpet is already dirty. A spill on top of the soiled area is tricky to remove. Trying to spot clean a stain, if done incorrectly, could work dirt deeper into the carpet fibers.

Commercial Cleaning and Restoration of Tucson recommends that you have your carpets professionally cleaned and afterward have a carpet protectant applied. The protectant will guard against holiday spills and messes. It’s an extra step beyond cleaning, but it means you can laugh off spilled milk and focus on enjoying the holidays. Our holiday carpet cleaning special can easily help you with this.

#2. Family Time

The holidays are a time for family. During the holiday, if you have young children, they probably spend a lot of time on the carpet playing with brand-new toys or watching holiday movies. Cleaning your carpet before the holiday with keep kids safe and healthy by removing allergens and dirt from the carpet fibers. Your kids probably won’t care, but you’ll feel better knowing the floor is holiday perfect.

#3. Beat the Holiday Rush

Holidays are a busy time. Cross off at least one item from your holiday to-do list, by scheduling your holiday carpet cleaning appointment now. Cleaning carpets ahead of the rush means… there’s one less thing for you to worry about.

#4. Eliminate Odors

No one wants to think their carpet smells bad. When you live with carpet odors every day, it’s easy to get used to it. On the other hand, when guests visit your house, they do so with a new perspective and a different sense of smell. Our professional holiday carpet cleaning service can be very beneficial, particularly if you have pets. With a clean carpet, the only thing your guests notice are the delicious aromas coming from your kitchen.

Santa Trips And Needs A Good Carpet Cleaner

Four Fun Reasons to Have Your Carpet Cleaned AFTER the Holidays

With the world’s population now in excess of 7 billion people, it’s a tougher job than ever for Santa Claus to deliver all of those presents.

Stealthy isn’t exactly the picture you have in mind when you think of an overweight, elderly man traveling all over the world and wearing boots. It is hard to believe that there isn’t the occasional spilt milk, fireplace footprints, or reindeer messes.

Here’s what you need to know to clean up after Santa’s visit to your home…

Santa tracks in footprints

#1. Chimney Soot from a Billion Homes

Santa Claus is a busy guy and he doesn’t always stop to take off his shoes while delivering presents to your home. If Santa has left a pile of soot next to your fireplace, it needs cleaning as quickly as possible. Soot particles can be very fine, so you could cause further damage by trying to brush them away.

Santa Spills Milk On Carpet

#2. Milk and Cookies

Some houses prefer to leave a glass of milk and cookies for Santa who has been known to spill his milk. When that happens, it is important to clean the milk up while it is wet. Soak up as much of the spilled milk as possible by blotting the milk spill with a clean, white, lint-free cloth.

Dried milk in carpet areas can cause a sour milk odor. Be sure to take advantage of our holiday carpet cleaning special and have your carpet cleaned before it starts to smell or cause damage, leaving Santa free to enjoy milk every year.

#3. Carrots

Every small child knows it’s just as important to leave a carrot for Rudolf and the other reindeer, but reindeer can be messy eaters. To clean up carrot stains, you need to gently scrape up carrot solids with a blunt knife. Blot the area with a clean, white, lint-free cloth. You will probably need to repeat it several times, but the stain should come out eventually. If you take advantage of our holiday carpet cleaning special, we can clean that stain for you and apply a carpet protector to allow you more time to clean up after messy eaters.

Reindeers Are Not Housebroken

#4. Reindeer Are Not Housebroken

Reindeers aren’t just messy eaters… to clean up reindeer poo stains you will need to act fast.
Our holiday carpet cleaning special will help get the smell out of the carpet. It is very important and we do that by treating your carpet with a bio-enzymatic cleaner. If you try to use an over-the-counter carpet cleaner first, you may lock the stain into the carpet permanently. React quickly when accidents happen with a call to Commercial Cleaning and Restoration.

Happy Holidays from the Commercial Cleaning and Restoration Team​

Click on video to hear Elf Sugar sing “The 12 Messes of Christmas”

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