How to Clean Granite Stone & Other Stone Work Kitchens and bathrooms sell home. Entryways create lasting first impressions. Fireplaces become Christmastime gathering places. And what do all of these places have in common in many homes today? Stonework – granite countertops, tile floors, stone fireplace hearths.

Stonework is a major selling point in homes today, and that means it is very important to care for all those different surfaces with the same care you use with high-end furniture and carpet.

We are going to warn you right from the get-go to not use vinegar or other acidic products! It can remove the shiny sealer on top of stonework like tile, marble, and granite.

But not to fear, there are some great things you can do to care for those beautiful stone floors, countertops, and other surfaces in your Tucson home, in between professional cleanings by Commercial Cleaning & Restoration.

Address Stains Quickly

Since all these surfaces are sealed or should be sealed, use a dry cloth to wipe up spills quickly. If there is a stain, be sure to point it out during your next professional cleaning. With our professional solutions and tools, there is a good chance we will be able to help get rid of that stain for you and have your stone and grout looking like new in no time.

Keep Up with Regular Cleaning 

Basic maintenance by you goes a long way! For a granite countertop, be sure to wipe it down daily and dry thoroughly. Properly sealed stones should not let any moisture seep into the surface. If that is happening, it could be time for your counters to be resealed. This tip also applies to your hard floors and tiled showers. Mold and mildew building up in your shower will cause the grout to deteriorate much quicker than gently cleaning the grout and tile regularly. Same goes for your floors – dirt can work its way into the grout if not swept or vacuumed regularly. That dirt can break down the grout over time, causing tiles to loosen.

Let the Pros Do the Heavy, Deep Cleaning!

Different chemicals and cleaners bring about different reaction – and success for failure – depending on the surface on which they are being used. The cleaner you use for the tile in your shower could quickly damage the finish on your marble floors in your entryway – or your granite counters.

Professional cleaners like Commercial Cleaning & Restoration have crews that know every kind of stone out there, and know what is safe – and not safe – to use in every situation. Paying for professional cleaning and resealing from time to time could save you the high cost of replacement in the long run because your surfaces will last longer.

Overall, just be cautious! Avoid extreme temperature differences, encourage the use of coasters, don’t use abrasive cleaners. Frequent dusting, vacuuming, and sweeping will go a long way in keeping dirt and grime out of the tile and grout and keep the integrity of your floors and countertops intact longer.


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