Proper Irrigation Drainage

Proper Irrigation Drainage

Proper Irrigation Drainage

Irrigation Drainage Many homeowners forget to check for the leading cause of water damage to their home: Poor irrigation drainage direction in their lawns, gardens, and landscaping in general.

How to Check for Proper Irrigation Drainage

A simple guide to judge your irrigation’s efficiency is:

  • Dig garden trenches with a downward slope away from the house
  • You should be able to see part (at least 3 to 4 inches) of your home’s foundation, and then slope the ground a total of 6 inches for the first 10 feet away from the house
  • Point roof gutters away from your home and, if necessary, provide attachments that carry it even further from the home if you notice pooling
  • Use piping to direct condensate line drips away from your home
  • Install French drains – a system of underground trenches lined with gravel and plastic pipes with holes in them that help drain water away from the home
  • Create a dry well – a large hole filled with gravel that catches water and holds it away from the house while it has time to soak into the ground. Choose the right type of plants that grow easily in the area and can help keep the soil from washing away from water run-off
  • Add a rain garden – an area away from the home where the water will flow and settle for a time. The garden can be filled with water-loving plants

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