Keeping Carpets Clean with Pets


keeping carpets clean with pets
When you have pets and carpet, there’s no denying that regular carpet cleaning duties require a lot more effort. We all know that humans are exceptional at creating messes, but cats and dogs are superior. Pets naturally shed, produce odors, excrete dirt, and may have lice or other bugs in their hair. Pets are lovable and fun, but a package deal nonetheless: a bundle of fun, joy, and unfortunately, dirt and hair. This leads to aged carpet in its infancy. You shouldn’t have to replace your carpet before its due date, even with pets. Take a look at these tips for pet owners.

Keep the Pet Clean

Clean pets mean clean carpets. Regularly bathing, brushing, and caring for your pet prevents carpets matted with pet hair. Also, regularly grooming your pet means controlling exactly where your furry friend’s hair is deposited.

Dry Dirty Paws

Most mothers demand their children rinse off with a hose before tracking dirt around the house. Pets, although more susceptible to mud and dust, should be handled the same way. Wipe off his paws with a cloth and water before he enters the house.

Use the Mudroom

 Some homes have a mudroom or tile entryway that acts as a bridge between the outside and inside. If there’s no time to clean up the dog, he can just walk on the tile, which is much easier to clean than carpet.

Keep Nails Short

Long nails will shred a carpet faster than almost anything. Pets often scratch their nails on the carpet while playing or stretching. If you wish to keep tight carpet fibers, remember to regularly snip the dog’s nails.

Place Rugs Wisely

Use rugs. Lots and lots of rugs. Rugs preserve carpet by blocking oils, hair, and dirt from seeping into the carpet fibers. You can also train your pet to nap or sleep on the rug since rugs are much easier to clean and replace than carpets. Plus, they look great!

Vacuum Regularly

 Hopefully, this goes without saying, but the carpet should be vacuumed several times a week. It is the best way for homeowners to remove dirt on their own. But what many homeowners don’t know is that vacuuming only removes about 80% of the dirt. Regular cleanings are necessary to remove the full range of dirt a pet will introduce into the home.

Clean Up Messes Quickly

 If your pet has had an accident, it’s important to turn your inner track star on and grab a towel to absorb the urine as soon as possible. If it’s been over 10 minutes, use water to lift the urine and reabsorb with a towel. Be cautious using chemical cleaners, as some are notorious for damaging carpets.

Schedule Regular Cleanings

 With all the maintenance in the world, keeping carpets spotless with pets is a challenging feat. Since homeowners without pets need professional cleanings yearly, it is especially important for pet owners to deep clean their carpets.  Let us know if we can help!callnow


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