Keeping your Home Free from MoldThere are many potential dangers associated with flood damage. Flood damage is one of the greatest sources of property damage in the United States. In the process of cleaning up flood water, there is always a potent and hidden danger. That danger is mold. Mold will become a factor in any structure where there is an overabundance of water which is a prime breeding ground for mold fungi. Here are some tips to prevent that mold from invading your home or business.

Wet Materials Need to be Dried Immediately!

Given the right conditions it only takes mold two days to begin growing in damp areas. Don’t let anything sit around with lingering moisture. For example, leaving your wet towel somewhere where it won’t be able to dry sufficiently will foster mold growth. Another example is when you leave your clothes in the washer for too long. That nasty smell, when you pull the clothes out, is mold

In more serious cases of flooding, you’ll want to call professional cleaners right away and begin the drying process as soon as possible. Ventilate your home as much as you’re able to let the air begin to wick away the moisture.

 Run an exhaust fan in the bathroom to prevent excessive moisture

The bathroom is a perfect target for mold. With consistent use, the moisture will settle throughout the room and if you’re not careful mold will quickly begin to form. A simple fix to this is to run the exhaust fan for at least 30 minutes after your finish using the bath to dry out the excess water.

 Don’t ignore your basement!

This is where mold can really begin to sneak up on you. No one likes going down to their musty basement, especially to look for mold! But it is important that it is done. Almost all basements encounter some sort of leakage in their lifetime and if you never go down there to check you’ll never know that you have a problem. You can almost be guaranteed that natural moisture will accumulate in your basement over a process of time, and a good way to counter that is to buy a dehumidifier. You can buy a dehumidifier at your local department store for a couple hundred dollars.

 Clean and disinfect the surfaces you dry

Hard surfaces like sinks and floors are popular breeding grounds for mold. They also, however, are ideal surfaces to use disinfectants and cleaners on. A simple bleach solution is a great way to eliminate the mold. Once finished cleaning, ensure that all the moisture is dried and you can be assured you’ll be bleach free.

Since water damage and consequently mold is such a common problem there is a chance you will do deal with it at some point. If it comes to that point the best thing to do, along with all the tips and home remedies you can use, is to involve the professionals. Commercial Cleaning & Restoration is here to assist in conquering water and mold damage in your home. So if this is a problem that affects you please reach out to us so we can help you restore your home back to normal.



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