Kitchen Mold Removal in Tucson

The kitchen is a place we want to be safe for our families. The bad look and smell of mold in kitchen areas are obvious reasons why mold kitchen mold removal in tucsonshould be removed immediately. But there are other pressing reasons as well. Molds are some of the most dangerous organisms in a house. Out-of-control mold can negatively affect your health and may cost many thousands of dollars to mitigate. Learning how to prevent mold in the kitchen is particularly important, as moisture and heat make the kitchen a dangerous place for household mold. If you are concerned that mold may be a problem in your Tucson, Arizona home Commercial Cleaning and Restoration  can help.

Mold Affects Everyone’s Health

A kitchen with black mold can affect the health of everyone that enters the kitchen. Mold also eats away at wood, which has the potential to ruin kitchen floors and wooden kitchen window frames. Making use of a few useful tips can help you address mold quickly. There are different kinds of mold. Some are not dangerous, while others can be.

Humidity and Mold 

Mold can easily grow in your kitchen if the humidity stays at a high level for a long period of time. Some of the big causes of humidity in the kitchen are steam from boiling the kettle, liquids spilt during cooking that aren’t cleaned up and subsequently evaporate into the air, and steam from cooking food or from washing dishes.

To decrease the humidity in your Tucson kitchen you should ventilate regularly by opening windows or doors. Make sure to clean up any spilt liquid quickly as well. Exhaust fans can also help decrease the humidity caused by cooking.

Garbage and Mold 

Use a smaller garbage can that holds a single day’s worth of garbage and empty it daily to prevent growth of mold. Garbage is moist and has organic material where molds can easily grow.

Food and Mold 

Clear old food out of the refrigerator on a regular basis. If you don’t plan to eat the food, throw it out immediately. It’s also a good idea to do a thorough cleaning of your fridge monthly. This type of mold typically does not require a mold removal specialist.

Kitchen Sink and Mold 

Mold needs organic material to grow on and can grow in your sink if there’s left over food particles or a layer of grease or grime. Mold in the sink should be easy to just scrub it away using water from the tap. Give the whole sink a clean too to make sure the mold doesn’t come back.

Mold can also grow underneath the kitchen sink when moisture builds up there from leaks or from condensation on the pipes. Check under your sink regularly to check for mold and/or moisture that could lead to mold.

If there’s mold in the drain of your kitchen sink try removing the drain grate and scrubbing down inside the drain. You might need to unscrew the drainpipe under the sink if you cannot reach the mold.

For garbage disposals run it every day and clean it frequently. It’s also a good idea to pour a few cups of vinegar down there once a week to prevent mold and to kill off any existing mold growth.

Moisture and Mold

Be mindful of area of discoloration on your walls and ceilings as indicators of more serious mold issues that may require the attention of a mold removal specialist in Tucson. Areas exposed to moisture are susceptible to dangerous mold growth.   Commercial Cleaning and Restoration takes pride in their trained and certified mold removal technicians.

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