Leaking Condensate Pipe

Leaking Condensate Pipe

Leaking Condensate Pipe

leaking condensate pipe In the summer, air conditioners suck hot air from inside of your house through a series of cooling coils, called Condenser Coils. The coils turn the warm air into cool air using a freezing agent (Freon). The cold of the coil causes water to collect (condensation) on the outside of these coils, much like a glass of ice water will “sweat.” This condensation is then collected in a pan located just beneath the coils, which drips into a line. This is the Condensate Line or “CLine” for this article. The CLine is designed to process the water overflow, directing it to an outer part of the house. This is where we can get a leaking condensate pipe.

What is a Leaking Condensate Pipe?

If your AC unit is on top of your roof, your CLine will drain onto the roof. If your AC unit is in an attic, the CLine is located in the attic as well. Often, what happens is the Catch Pan and or the CLine grows algae, just like a pool or any other standing water. This will clog up and eventually cause the Catch Pan or CLine to overflow and or not flow properly. There are two easy ways to prevent overflow:

  1. Clean the pan and CLine regularly (or at least at the beginning of the summer season).
  2. Install an EZ-trap or a rubber float switch that shuts the AC unit off once the CLine is full to a certain point. These should be installed by a professional.

If you have questions about this process or need any help, give us a call. We have a team of licensed professionals that can give you a free inspection and recommendations. If you need any repair work done, we can do that as well.

Commercial Cleaning & Restoration can provide you with recommendations for reputable vendors who will perform these services for you.

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