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Cleaning up Water Damage in Tucson

Water may be essential for nearly every human function, but a little bit of water in the wrong place can be disastrous. Sinks, toilets, flood water, and sewage backups can cause a lot of headaches. Whether you already have a water damaged home or are planning ahead to be prepared for an unexpected problem, these […]

Flood Cleanup Tips in Tucson

Coming home to a flood house can be a devastating experience. Not to mention when your home floods it doesn’t take much water to cause significant damage to your home. Flood damage can happen as a result of natural disasters such as excessive rain or from broken pipes leaking into the basement. If left alone, […]

Why You Should Hire Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning Services

A professional rug cleaner in Tucson can help you freshen your rugs, eliminate odors and prevent matting from use. They will also help to disinfect and reduce the amount of allergens in the air, creating a hygienic environment for you and your family. Before you decide to attempt to clean your rugs yourself, consider two […]

Facts About Water Damage Cleanup

Here are the facts about water damage cleanup. What To Do First After determining the area is safe, turn off circuit breakers and unplug small electrical devices that may come in contact with water. Move valuables, furniture, and rugs away from the damaged area. After you have temporarily secured the area, immediately make plans for […]

Oriental Rug Cleaning in Tucson

Oriental rugs are valuable pieces of art, and proper cleaning and maintenance will ensure your rugs last as long as possible. But cleaning oriental rugs is a laborious process and one that most people cannot do on their own in their own homes. Enlist the help of a professional oriental rug cleaner in Tucson to […]

Do’s & Don’ts of Water Damage Cleanup

When water damage occurs we all wish we could pull a Samantha and wiggle our noses to make the disaster fix itself. Unfortunately, none of us live on the set of Bewitched and have that ability. But what we do have is knowledge of the do’s & don’ts of water damage cleanup when water damage […]

Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

Keeping your tile and grout clean in your home can be a nightmare. Tile grout is a porous material that absorbs stains and dirt like a sponge. Trying to remove all of the dirt and grime on your own is not only time consuming but can be messy and frustrating. Here at Commercial Cleaning and […]

Flood Cleanup Tips and Risks

Whenever your Tucson home or business is flooded, it is a serious situation that requires a proactive approach to reduce your total losses and to protect the health of your family or employees during and after cleanup. Knowing what you should and shouldn’t do, and what the potential risks are will put your mind at […]

What To Look For When Hiring A Restoration Company

Homeowners have many restoration companies to choose from, no matter where they live. Unfortunately, not everyone who advertises water damage restoration is qualified to do this sort of work. We do have some advice about what to look for when hiring a restoration company. Our Advice If you have ever experienced water damage within your […]

2014 BBB Torch Award Winners

Commercial Cleaning and Restoration, a 2014 BBB Torch Award Winners for Customer Excellence and a 2013 Copper Cactus Finalist for Business Growth, is a 29-year-old business locally owned and operated by Richard and Margret Huebner. 2014 BBB Torch Award Winners For Excellence As the winner of the 2014 BBB Torch Award for Customer Excellence, Commercial […]

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