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Richard & Margret Huebner

Since 1985, Richard has always been determined to operate a service company that treats people the way he was brought up: In a respectful, honest, and joyful environment.

Richard began his industry education in the 1990s, ensuring that Commercial Cleaning & Restoration is a certified firm with the IICRC. Richard is personally certified, as well as most of our staff members.

Richard holds master-level certifications and also has achieved the level of Certified Carpet Inspector. This means that carpet mills and installation and retail companies often hire him as an unbiased third party to determine where something went wrong during a manufacturing, installation, or cleaning process. This level of service requires that Richard remain fully trained and current in our field, as well as share his experience and knowledge with our technicians.

Margret holds several IICRC certifications and is constantly learning. She works hand-in-hand with Richard on a daily basis, managing the general operations and care of our customers and co-workers. Margret also participates in the larger Tucson business community through CREW, NARPM, BNI, and Key Group.

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Manny Rivera – IICRC Certified Technician – Restoration Division Lead

Manny is proactive, positive, and friendly. His “regulars” know that he is skilled in customer service and quality carpet cleaning in Tucson. He is attentive to each individual clients’ concerns, remembering the nuances of each account so that each service visit is customized. Manny also has a keen sense of the little things that make a difference. Skilled in a variety of Commercial Cleaning & Restoration services—IICRC certifications in floor cleaning, water, mold, Asbestos certification and is trained to collect air samples for air quality testing. Manny quickly addresses pesky problems with great results. Spanish / English – Joined in 2008

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Travis Moody – Repair and Restoration Specialist

Travis has over 10 years of experience in various types of home repairs, and he has mastered the skills of tiling, dry wall, and framing. His attention to detail enables him to determine the best methods to apply to each job, helping to ensure a smooth process and successful outcome for our customers. Travis is known for a positive attitude and patience that shines through his work. He enjoys helping people any way he can, and his dedication makes Travis a valuable asset to any project. Joined in 2012


Lisa Cohen – Project Coordinator

Lisa has over 20 years of business experience mostly in the Midwest, where she is from originally.  Relocated to the Southwest for warmer weather but enjoys going to Mt. Lemmon every chance she can for cooler weather and beautiful hiking and biking.  Lisa is an avid sports fan, Go CATS! Joined in 2014


Thomas Ruby – IICRC Certified Technician

Thomas is a Marine Vet who joined the CCR team in 2014.  He has been in Tucson since 2011 and really enjoys everything the Old Pueblo has to offer.  He enjoys all aspects of his job from floor cleaning to restoration and repair work.  His favorite part of his job is that he is always busy and gets to meet new people on a daily basis.  Thomas is an avid video game player and is very happy he joined the CCR family. Joined in 2014

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Olincer Verdugo (Ollie) – Repair and Restoration Specialist

Ollie has several years of experience doing home repair work and especially tile work, drywall and painting   He can do a variety of home repairs and enjoys tile work, drywall and painting.  Has a positive attitude and works hard every day to take the best care of our clients. Joined in 2015

Fernando Tavares - Repair Specialist

Fernando Tavares – Repair Specialist

Fernando has over 35 years experience in construction.  He likes a job well done and having completely satisfied clients. He enjoys working with and teaching young technicians how to finish a job correctly and leaving a work space clean.  He enjoys working with wood, drywall, framing and solving construction issues.  He is a jazz and old school music enthusiast who enjoys completing puzzles with his wife.  He also spends time taking old furniture and giving it new life or making things out of pallets.


Melissa Cole – Admin Assistant

Joined Aug 2016


Chris Burdett – Service Coordinator

Joined Oct. 2016

Cristobal Lorta - Repair Specialist

Cristobal Lorta – Repair Specialist

Joined Dec 2017


Arturo Zatarain Jr (AJ) – Restoration & Repair Specialist

Joined Jan 2018


Miguel Morales Roman – Repair Team

Joined our team June 2018


Alfonso Gutierrez Jr. – Restoration Technician

Joined January 2019


Carlos Martinez-Cruz – Repair Technician

Joined April 2019


Lane Wood – Carpet Cleaning Technician

Joined April 2019


Liberty Mayhem – Director of Spots and Odors, Trainee

Liberty is a 6-month-old Bloodhound (as of April 2019) and was born in Tucson AZ.  She is currently learning basic commands like sit. She’s very stubborn and really likes things her way. She spends lots of time at the office giving sniffs and kisses and loves to have her ears rubbed by anyone.

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