Air Quality TestingIndoor air pollution is a hidden cause of many health problems, including allergies, asthma, and cancer. For that reason, your property may be a candidate for Commercial Cleaning and Restoration’s Air Quality Testing. The air we breathe can harm us, not only because of allergens that enter from outside but also because of the chemicals we saturate our homes with. These hidden contaminants can come from dust, plants, animal dander, vehicle exhaust, chemicals, mold and more. Maintaining better indoor air quality will keep you and your pets healthier.

How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality:

  • Have Commercial Cleaning & Restoration run Indoor Air Quality Testing
  • Identify specific issues in the home or building
  • Identify and eliminate mold and other contaminants
  • Clean the house safely without the use of toxic chemicals
  • Avoid perfumes and air fresheners that cause depression
  • Control indoor pet issues
  • Use a good air filter system

How is Our Indoor Air Quality Testing Done?

  1. CCR (Commercial Cleaning and Restoration) has established an exclusive partnership with air quality expert Dr. Sneller in Tucson.
  2. CCR will collect air samples or surface swabs in possible affected areas and hand-deliver them to Dr. Sneller, who will run the tests in his lab.
  3. Dr. Sneller writes the official report which identifies the contaminants and their source. This report is sent to CCR.
  4. CCR provides the client with written test results upon payment for the testing. 
  5. Test results will give CCR an idea of what it will take to correct the issue.  
  6. The client can choose to hire CCR or anyone else qualified to perform this kind of work. If the problem is mold, it should be a restoration company that knows how to address mold issues.
  7. If mold is identified and remediation work is completed, the customer should have a new “Clearance test” done. This must be done before anything is put back in the room.
  8. This test will mimic the first test and is designed to show that all the contaminants were removed properly.  This test is important and the reports must be included with property sale documents if the owner is ever to sell the building, especially if insurance played a part in the remediation and clean up.
  9. CCR policy – If CCR did the cleaning and the clearance test indicates contaminants are still present, then CCR will continue to clean and will pay for the additional clearance test.   
Richard Huebner, Dr. Sneller, Manny Rivera

What is the Cost of Indoor Air Quality Testing?

  • Each air sample is $150.00 with a minimum of three samples taken = $450.00.  If multiple areas are affected then additional samples may be needed.  One sample will be taken in each affected area.  One sample will be taken in another area of the building that doesn’t seem to be affected. One sample will be taken outside the building to see if the surrounding area has normal spores. 
  • Most Insurance policies don’t cover the “mold remediation” test cost but will cover the repairs to bring the house or building back to its original condition.  

How is Mold Remediation Done?

  • Mold spores can get airborne when disturbed. The visible contaminated areas will be covered with 6 ml plastic to contain it until test results and remediation takes place.
  • Once remediation is to start, the affected area can be sectioned off by putting up a containment area.  This is to safely separate the affected and non-affected parts of the building. Our technicians wear Personal Protection Equipment and proceed with cleaning the affected area.
  • Mold spores cannot be cleaned. They must be removed from anything porous such as drywall, carpet, carpet padding, baseboards, insulation, wood posts, etc.
  • General mold removal guidelines require any contaminated drywall to be cut out until a totally clear margin is reached. Wall studs can be sanded and encapsulated before re-building is done.
  • An air quality clearance test is performed in the contaminated area after all the remediation and cleaning has been completed.  

Commercial Cleaning & Restoration is EPA and IICRC Certified to Remediate Your Problems.

 CCR will use the “S520 Standard and Reference Guide” for professional mold remediation. 

Who is Dr. Mark Sneller, BS, MS, Ph.D.?

Dr. Mark Sneller began his air quality company, Aero Allergen Research, in Tucson, Arizona in 1979. He was twice a recipient of the Clean Air Government award from the Arizona Lung Association for contributing to better respiratory health of citizens of the state. Read more about Dr. Sneller here.

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