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Maintaining tile surfaces can be a difficult task requiring a lot of detailed scrubbing and cleaning to get grout lines clean and set-in dirt gone. Unless you are willing to spend hours on your hands and knees scrubbing grout lines with a toothbrush, your tile surfaces probably don’t look their best. Ready for some good news?  We can help! Commercial Cleaning & Restoration uses specialized techniques and equipment to remove all that dirt, and will have your tile and grout looking new again!

Say Goodbye to the Mop and Toothbrush, Forever!

The days of spending hours on your hands and knees scrubbing are gone! At Commercial Cleaning and Restoration we can have your tile and grout looking great in just a short amount of time. We will inspect the tiled area and identify the most effective cleaning solution. We will always test this method in a small area to ensure you will be happy with the results.

After our test, we will apply the cleaning solution to the entire area and will carefully scrub the area by hand or by using a floor machine. This lifts the dirt and helps extract deep ground-in soil. Afterward, we will use truck-mounted equipment to rinse the tile surfaces and extract all that dirty water. You will be left with exceptionally clean grout and tile, and we are confident that our cleaning process will exceed your expectations.

You may choose to have grout sealing applied to help prevent new dirt from finding it’s way into your grout lines. Grout sealer can be applied after inspecting the completely dry floor the following day.

Frequently Asked Tile & Grout Cleaning Questions

1) Why should I have my tile and grout cleaned?

Dirt builds up over time and can cause your grout and tile to look dull or discolored. Oftentimes mopping can contribute to discolored grout, as dirty water is pushed into the grout lines each time you mop your floors. Professional tile and grout cleaning is the most effective way to remove this dirt, making your tile surfaces look new again.

2) How often should I have my tile cleaned?

While this comes down to personal preference, various factors can impact how quickly your tile and grout becomes soiled. Things like heavy foot traffic and pet traffic can increase how frequently you should have your tile cleaned.

3) Should I have a sealant applied?

We recommend having a grout sealant applied when you have your tile cleaned because it protects your grout lines and can extend the amount of time between professional cleanings. Grout is porous, and if not sealed, will easily become dull and soiled.

4) How long do I have to stay off of the floor?

After your tile floors are clean we recommend that you only stay off the floor for at least 30 minutes to ensure everything is dry and set. 

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