Water Damage

Water Damage

Tucson Emergency Water Damage Services

Commercial Cleaning & Restoration provides emergency water damage cleanup and restoration in Tucson and the surrounding areas. Has your home or business been damaged by an unplanned water event?
  • The broken pipe left hundreds of gallons of water in your home.
  • A faulty dishwasher saturated your kitchen cabinets and floors with water.
  • An overflowing toilet sent water flowing down your stairs and through the ceiling to your living room.
  • Monsoon storm created water damage havoc throughout your house.
You can trust Commercial Cleaning & Restoration to clean up the mess and return your home to pre-loss condition.

At Commercial Cleaning & Restoration, we want the best for you and your home and we will work to prove it to you.

6 Immediate Steps to Handle Emergency Water Damage

Emergency Cleanup - AVAILABLE 24/7 Call right now!

Water Damage Emergency Step 1 Stop The Water Source

Stop the Water Source

Make sure the electricity is off before you walk through standing water! If the water is coming from a broken pipe or something of that sort, get the water source turned off. Your insurance company will want to see that you took such steps. Start gathering information by taking photos of everything, where the water came in from, what it damages, and how you tried to stop it from getting worse.

It is tempting to let water leaks dry on their own, but there are consequences to waiting for the water to disappear. A quick response often means less damage and the least amount of work that we have to do to fix your property.

Call Us Right Away

If your emergency occurs during normal business hours (M-F 7:00am – 4:00pm), please call our office at (520) 214-4376. If your emergency occurs outside our normal hours, please call Commercial Cleaning and Restoration’s emergency line at (520) 391-4615. Once we have your address and basic information, an on-call team will be there within hours.

  • Begin emergency containment procedures.We will contain the damaged area to stabilize and prevent secondary damage to the rest of your home and belongings.
  • Tarping due to roofing or wind damage. Tarping is a temporary bandage and is not designed to last forever.  If the wind gets going again it can blow off the temporary roofing coverage, that is not CCR fault and would be an additional service call to get it redone. etc.   We can do some kinds of patching but may require a roofer and we are at the mercy of their schedule also.
  • Water damage drying. We will place drying equipment (dehumidifiers and air movers) in your home. It is tempting to let water leaks dry on their own, but there are consequences to waiting for the water to disappear. A quick response often means less damage and the least amount of work that we have to do to fix your property.
  • Plan on what is next. Repairs depend on many different factors, such as the volume of water accumulated; whether we need to extract; the type of water (clean, gray, or black [sewer]) involved; when the water damage occurred; and how long the water has been in the area.

contact your personal insurance agent

When you call the claim line, they automatically open a claim. It will stay on your insurance record whether you decide to use it or not. Consider calling Commercial Cleaning and Restoration rep first. We can provide an opinion and a damage quote. With our expertise and your agent’s knowledge of your policy, we can help you decide if a claim is the right way to go.

  • Determine whether this is a claim. Emergencies are generally covered by your insurance. We recommend calling your insurance agent, instead of the claim line, for their opinion. They are your advocate!
  • Carefully review your policy for exclusions and damage limits. Most insurances have disclaimers that may limit or exclude coverage for certain conditions. Common insurance exclusions: mold, flood water, roof issues, vandalism, and hoarding. Depending on your deductible and the scope of repairs, you may want to consider whether it’s worth filing a claim.

TIP: when the flood water is on the ground and enters your facility, this is covered by flood insurance. If the water comes down the roof and walls, your regular insurance will cover it.

Water Damage Emergency Step 4 Open An Insurance Claim

open a claim

Site inspection, initial estimate, and the work authorization begins, but who are all the people involved in my claim and repair? 

  • There will be two insurance adjusters assigned to your case, in addition to your personal insurance agent, one for remediation and one for restoration. They don’t always make it clear when they contact you, so feel free to ask them which phase they’re involved in. It will make further communication much clearer and easier to track.
  • Desk Adjuster.They will review with you the details and scope of damage relative to your coverage. It’s a good idea to get us involved at this point so we can begin to gather and present information critical to your claim compensation. Once you’ve been assigned an adjuster, we can begin to communicate with them and manage the project on your behalf. At this point, you also will be assigned to a field adjuster.
  • Field Adjuster.They provide a repair estimate and set aside funds to cover the loss. You may receive restoration funds before remediation is completed. This is so you have the funds to pay a contractor to immediately start restoration once the remediation has finished.
Water Damage Emergency Step 5 Water Damage Cleanup Begins

Water damage Cleanup

Cleanup begins.

When you work with Commercial Cleaning and Restoration, you will be assigned a project manager and field crew for water damage cleanup. We begin removing the effects of the water damage. For example, we’ll remove the damaged flooring, cabinetry, etc.

When Commercial Cleaning and Restoration has completed remediation, we will create a complete repair estimate for the desk adjuster’s review.

TIP: To receive full compensation from your insurance company, you must use a licensed general contractor for your repairs. You are not required to use the same contractor for both phases.

Water Damage Emergency Step 6 Restoration Begins

Water Damage Restoration

Repairs begin.

Commercial Cleaning & Restoration will return your home to pre-damage conditions. We will fix and replace any materials that were permanently damaged or removed. Restoration projects may be simple or extensive, depending on the amount of permanent damage that occurred.

Once the remediation is complete and your insurance company has sent you the restoration funds, we suggest ordering materials. Be prepared for a process. The repair stage has a lot of moving parts – Commercial Cleaning and Restoration’s scope of work; materials must be ordered and received; a specialty contractor may be needed for an upgrade; etc. Be patient and stay focused on a beautiful outcome!

TIP: Occupant(s) with respiratory problems should not stay in the building due to possible health risks.

Why Use Commercial Cleaning & Restoration?

Whether your water damage is big or small, Commercial Cleaning & Restoration is available 24/7 to handle the situation so you don’t have to. Our experienced technicians will respond quickly armed with the equipment and knowledge necessary to restore your property quickly, reducing your total loss and ensuring you can get back to normal as soon as possible. Here are some of the reasons why Commercial Cleaning & Restoration is the best choice for your emergency water cleanup and restoration:

Fast Response

When you have a water damage emergency, the sooner someone can start removing water and begin drying, the better. Water damage increases with every hour that passes, and that is why we GUARANTEE that we will be on our way to your location as soon as you call.

24/7 Emergency Response

No matter the time of day or day of the week, our team will answer the phone and be ready to respond to your emergency whenever you call.


We Work For You

Being inconvenienced by an unexpected water event adds significant stress to your already busy life. We take away the stress and deliver peace of mind so you don’t have to worry.


We Work with Your Insurance Company

We work closely with your insurance company to provide you with comprehensive service no matter what size the job.  Our extensive knowledge and years of experience working with insurance companies allow us to make the claim process simple for you.

Advanced Water Damage Drying

We understand the science of drying. With our professional drying equipment and extensive restoration knowledge, we can shorten the amount of time it takes to dry your home or business, making sure that you can return to normal as soon as possible.

Certified & Experienced

We believe that you deserve only the best. That’s why we hold all current industry certifications and make sure to stay up-to-date on education and training. We also have experience with hundreds of water damage cleanups and can use our experience to your benefit.

Pro Tip

Regular homeowners’ insurance covers emergency water damage from indoor leaks and leaks from roof and windows. Most water damage from flooding (travels on the ground into a building) needs to be covered by a separate flood insurance policy.  READ MORE…

Water Cleanup and Restoration FAQs

Often times attempting to tackle the problem yourself only compounds the issue because it’s difficult to get a sense of the scope of the damage. The most crucial part of water damage restoration is the drying process. After the dry-out has been completed by our technicians, you may decide to repair the rest yourself. However, we have professionally trained and certified technicians that would be happy to assist you in the restoration process.

Take these preventative measures after water damage:
  • Cut off power supply
  • Turn off water supply
  • Turn off gas supply
  • Determine structural stability
  • Use protective gear
  • Beware of animals
Many people mistakenly assume danger is over once the water level goes down. Do not endanger yourself or your family members after disaster strikes. Call Commercial Cleaning & Restoration, the water damage cleanup professionals in Tucson, to ensure safety.

Lock and secure your property to prevent looters or curious passerbys. Keep in mind that although you may have an alarm system, it may have malfunctioned. If your home or business has severe water damage, it may be necessary to contact local authorities to secure the property.

In the right conditions, it only takes two days for mold to start growing in wet or damp places. As an example, have you ever picked up a wet towel that was laying on the floor for a few days? It smells terrible! As a result of the damp warm conditions, mold is starting to grow on the towel. Therefore, flooding from any source causes the flooring, walls, and furniture to get wet. Consequently, the potential for mold can take hold. If the source of water damage is overflowing sewage or outside water from flooding coming into a building, this subsequently causes deadly bacteria and viruses to grow. 

Not necessarily. This question is best answered case by case, because it depends on several different factors. Usually we can save the carpet from replacement, however in the event of a sewage back-up, any material that has been touched by the water must be disposed of, including carpet.

After consulting with professionals, this is ultimately your decision. If the area is safe, you may decide to stay. Be sure to also consider odors, access to electricity, noise from equipment, and the needs of small children. If you are vacating your home consider the following: forward your mail to your temporary residence, stop deliveries, notify utility company, telephone company etc. of temporary suspension of services.

It’s important to keep track of your non-restorable items for personal and insurance reasons. We recommend making a list of all items (including food items) that have been deemed non-restorable. It is advised to keep at least two copies on hand—one for yourself as well as your insurance company.

Most buildings average 3 days or less to dry. It’s also important to remember that all structures are different, so the drying time will also depend on the size and extent of damage.

Because documentation, coding, and negotiation play such a large role in your claim, it’s important to hire the right restoration company, one who upholds the standard of care set by IICRC. Commercial Cleaning and Restoration is a member of the IICRC and has over 36 years of restoration experience.

The remediation and repair process is extensive because of the very nature of water – it penetrates, warps, and weakens every surface it comes in extended contact with. It also can cause mold growth, which affects air quality. Your insurance company, restoration company, and hygienist (air quality control specialist) must make certain that damage is properly resolved to prevent any secondary damage to your property or health.

It’s our responsibility to thoroughly document what we’re doing and why, so your insurance company is confident that 1) all decisions and actions are based on facts and 2) all efforts serve to permanently resolve the problem. Therefore, we take photos, measurements, tests for moisture content, and/or tests for air quality throughout the remediation process, as needed.

Commercial Cleaning and Restoration is a licensed, registered General Contractor. We are able to complete the remediation work and the majority of repairs in house. If you wish to have a specialty product or upgrade (e.g., granite countertops), we have vendors we can recommend to you. Your project manager will also review with you how any additional contracted work fits within your project’s estimated timeline. Other contractors may needed for HVAC, electrical, and other specializations.

Call for Emergency Water Damage Cleanup

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