Professional Area Rug Cleaning vs. DIY

Professional Area Rug Cleaning vs. DIY

Professional Area Rug Cleaning vs. DIY

area rug cleaning tucson Area rugs can make or break a room! They can pull together amazing décor to look like something straight out of a magazine, or give a reading nook a cozy feel, or give a little boy’s playroom a racetrack. While we take great care to maintain the carpeting throughout our home, the tile, the hardwood, countertops, etc., area rugs are often overlooked when it comes to routine maintenance.

However, overlooking them can be a costly mistake! They need some TLC and deep-cleaning periodically just like the rest of the surfaces in your home, and spring is the perfect time to get this done so your Tucson home is ready for a sizzling summer!

Here are four simple reasons to leave that area rug cleaning to the professionals at Commercial Cleaning.

Professional vs. Hardware Store Cleaning Products

Every rug is carefully evaluated by the technicians to determine the best cleaning technique for those particular fibers. The cleaning process is gentle, and different chemicals and solutions used depending on the makeup of the rug.

If you choose the DIY route and choose the wrong solution, your area rug could be permanently damaged, along with your pocketbook.

Renting Faulty Equipment

Those carpet cleaning machines you can rent at a local grocery or hardware store are not necessarily all they are cracked up to be. First of all, they could be caked with dirt, debris, and allergens from the last home in which they were used – and are now being spread throughout your home across your rugs. Secondly, they simply do not have the cleaning power and suction as a professional carpet cleaner does. It is key that as much water as possible is extracted from the rug after the cleaning process, and that an appropriate cleaner is used depending on the type of fibers making up your rug. Seriously, the rental machines can do more damage than good. Just stay away.

Being too Rough

Yep, scrubbing too hard is a no-no. While you might be trying desperately to scrub out that red wine stain, you’re actually probably just doing damage to the rug’s fibers. Instead, use a blotting action – and be sure to point out any stains or areas of concern to Commercial Cleaning technicians the next time they are at your home so they can use the right products and techniques to try to remove any remaining stain or residue for you.

Investing time in something the professionals can honestly do more thoroughly in less time.

It will be more time consuming to clean an area rug with a small machine than having a professional step in. If your time is valuable and your life busy, that alone may be reason enough to pay a little more to have a professional cleaning service come in and do the work for you. Think about the time it will take to pretreat any stains, do the actual cleaning, and wait for dry time. How much of your home would need to be off-limits during the process? Call Commercial Cleaning & Restoration now!

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