Regular Plumbing Maintenance to Prevent Water Damage

Regular Plumbing Maintenance to Prevent Water Damage

Regular Plumbing Maintenance to Prevent Water Damage

Regular plumbing maintenance to prevent water damage Flooding in Tucson isn’t as uncommon as one might think. Although due to its relatively dry climate, Tucson receives about 11-12 inches of rainfall a year. A deluge of heavy rainfall can cause flash flooding to occur. Cities with older sewage and drainage lines are especially susceptible to flooding. While water damage can occur naturally due to storms and floods, water damage can also occur due to ignorance or plumbing and appliance negligence.

Regular Plumbing and Appliance Checks

It’s recommended to properly check and maintain the plumbing in your home at least once a year. This doesn’t mean just looking at the pipes for leaks, but also inspecting appliances you use on a daily basis. Refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers all undergo a significant amount of use and stress throughout the year. Checking the faucets, valves, and pipes on toilets, showers and sinks in bathrooms, to checking the water heater can save you time, money and resources down the road.  Regular plumbing and appliance maintenance allows for you to catch small problems that can be easily repaired before a major problem manifests itself. A leak from a water heater or clogged and backed up sewage line can cost thousands in repair and restoration work.

What to Check & Note

When inspecting your home, look for excess moisture or condensation on the toilet tank, pipes, etc. On a hot day, a cold pipe is expected to have some condensation, but if you notice an excess of moisture on a temperate day or a crack in the pipe, those lines may need repair. Check the water pressure through faucets and shower heads to make sure a consistent flow is running. If you’ve noticed a decrease in water pressure in the shower there could be a sediment blockage in the shower head. Additionally, look at the speed of the water as it drains; note how quickly it takes for the water to drain or if a pool of water has formed. Look at valves, connections, etc. for any rusting or discoloration. Have a thorough check of the water heater. Make sure there aren’t any cracks or leaks, rusting or the position of the heater is leaning. If you notice anything that seems out ordinary, it’s better to call a plumber for a consultation and solutions to fix the problem, than having to shell out hundreds or thousands if neglected appliance and plumbing parts are beyond repair.

Need Repair or Water Cleanup?

Whether from a regular plumbing check, neglected maintenance or a water emergency due to a natural disaster, if you need water cleanup, call the experts at Commercial Cleaning & Restoration. From a leaky roof to a flooding sewer line, our certified technicians can evaluate a problem, stop the damage and restore your home to its pre-loss condition. If you’re experiencing water damage in your home or business, it’s important to have immediate assistance to stop any further damage. Costs and expenses due to water damage can increase dramatically if not handled quickly and efficiently. That’s why you need a company with years of experience and the knowledge to effectively get the job done right. Call us today, we’re happy to help!

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