Save Your Weekend with Professional Carpet Cleaning

Save Your Weekend with Professional Carpet Cleaning

Save Your Weekend with Professional Carpet Cleaning

Life is too short to clean your own carpets

As Tucson begins its transition from stay-at-home orders to a new norm, you are awakening from the long quasi-hibernation that has kept you glued to your favorite TV binge watching chair.

Your home has been accumulating months of dust, dirt, and messes. You’ve been gripped by the urge to clean and you are certainly not alone in this strange desire to clean your house. 

It seems ingrained in us. It could be mom’s fault. She would open every window, kick the kids out of the house and start to organize, clean and disinfect like her life depended on it. We may not be as devoted to the spring cleaning as mom was, but we still feel compelled to clean.  

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Health Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

There are many benefits to carpet cleaning from… your health… to your peace of mind… to inducing a calming effect on the entire house.

Love it or hate it… when spring sweeps in—along comes the pollen and dander. Deep cleaning your carpets and furniture guarantees a decrease the allergens in your home.

Dirt, stains and dust can make us feel ill physically which increases our stress. It’s one of the reasons a thorough ‘spring cleaning’ can make us feel so much better.

Disinfectants and chemicals that we used around the house during Covid can build up over time on your carpet. Carpet cleaning makes your home healthier and safer from these harmful substances.

Just as chemicals can settle in your carpet, odors from cooking, smoke or pet urine can linger in your carpet. A carpet deep cleaning cleanses carpet fibers removing those stubborn odors.

Three Reasons to use a Professional Carpet Cleaners

Professional Carpet Cleaning is so much Faster
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If you have used an in-home carpet cleaner, you know that it can take almost an hour just to get everything up and running. Not to mention the time it takes to continually empty out the dirty water and replace it with clean water. For most people it takes the better part of a weekend to clean their own carpets. Besides that, it is back-break work to move all of the furniture.

With a Professional Carpet Cleaner, it can take LESS THAN 1 hour to have your carpet cleaned throughout the house – a large living room, 2 good sized bedrooms, and a hallway.

It’s amazing! And it saves you a weekend.

Professional Carpet Cleaning is so much more Powerful

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If you’ve ever had your carpets professionally cleaned, you know how loud it can be if you’re out by the truck. The motors are so powerful — it’s really not even comparable to using any sort of DIY cleaning unit.

We can get rid of large stains and odors in your carpeting that you could not get out.

We have the carpet looking like new again.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Gives You Peace of Mind

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Dirty carpets are hard to accept… especially with little babies crawling and laying on the carpets.

Even if you vacuum regularly (2-3 times per week), don’t wear shoes inside, don’t have pets, and rarely eat anything in carpeted areas, you will accumulate dust, human hair, dead skin cells, little bugs, pollen, etc. It gets embedded into your carpet fibers on a daily basis — just from normal life.

Knowing that you get all our carpets thoroughly deep cleaned by a professional will gives you a little more peace of mind.

That may sound strange, but having your carpeting look and feel brand new is wonderful!

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What to Do Before the Carpet Cleaner

Before the carpet cleaning technician comes to your home, take a look at these easy-to-follow tips. Even though the pros will do the heavy work, some careful preparation can make the service easier – and quicker – for everyone.

  • Look for specific stains
  • Clean room-by-room
  • Organize and clear the clutter
  • Vacuum before the carpet cleaner comes
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Life’s too short to clean your own carpet!


Schedule Carpet Cleaning and Get Your Favorite Binge Watching Chair Cleaned for Free. (a $45 value)

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Offer Good July-August 2020

Schedule an appointment now for an after-pandemic floor cleaning. Plus, you will receive a FREE upholstery cleaning of your favorite TV Binge Watching Chair.
*minimum service fee of $120

Call us if you have a mess that can’t wait! We’re in this Together!


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