Tile Flooring in Rental Properties

Tile Flooring in Rental Properties

Tile Flooring in Rental Properties

If you are trying to decide on tile flooring for rental properties, there are several factors to consider when choosing ceramic or porcelain tile.

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Tile Selection Factors

  • It’s Durable and Sustainable
  • It’s Low Maintenance
  • It’s Resistant
  • It’s Healthy

Tile has grown exponentially in popularity in the last few years. It looks beautiful, durable, and practical in rooms where there is high humidity and moisture. Tile is a great option for bathrooms and kitchens. It is also a great choice for high-traffic areas near the doorways or the hallway. However, many property managers fail to realize the maintenance strategies for tile and grout that will keep tile looking like new again year after year.


The Pros of Porcelain and Ceramic Tile Flooring

Pro tip icon It’s waterproof, very easy to clean, and won’t harbor germs. Ceramic tile is impervious to scratches and holds up well in the highest traffic areas. Tile comes in many sizes and colors, giving landlords plenty of design options.


Tile is Not Maintenance Free

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Cleaning Grout Lines

The appearance and cleanliness of your property’s interiors are key in creating positive experiences for tenants. Cleaning your own grout can be dangerous. Some chemicals can discolor your grout, stain it more, or just break it down altogether. It is always safer to call in a professional. We have years of experience doing tile and grout cleaning. Our staff uses effective and reliable cleaning products to get the job done. These products, combined with professional tile and grout cleaning equipment, can reach deep into the pores of the grout and some tile, and release set-in debris.

However, if you insist on trying to DIY your grout cleaning, it is better to start with household solutions, such as baking soda and vinegar, and work your way up to the chemical cleaners as they can be dangerous and do more harm than good. And remember, always take proper safety precautions when dealing with any type of chemical!

Sealing and Re-Grouting Tile

Keep in mind that tile will periodically need to be re-grouted. It is possible that after many years, grout lines aren’t just dirty anymore; the embedded dirt has stained the grout. These stains may not come out and you may need to call a professional restoration company. If this is the case, grout lines can be stained with a sealer/stain. It is a little time-consuming, but it’s a less dusty option compared to grout replacement. And once the cleaning is done and your grout is resealed, you can rest easy knowing your flooring investment is protected.

Repairing Tile

The tile is not indestructible. If a tile is cracked or broken by an occupant, it is best to have extra tiles on hand so that replacement is possible down the road. You can charge your tenant for the replacement of that tile, but if you are no longer able to purchase a tile that matches and the entire floor need to be redone you will have to front that cost on your own.

Pro tip icon Your Mop vs. Our Heavy-Duty Equipment. Here is the honest truth: if you’re using a mop on your floors, you’re only compounding the dirt and debris problem. Mopping your bathroom floor means just pushing the dirt around and not really offering a true clean. Over time, despite your routine cleaning efforts, surfaces may begin to dull and stain because the dirt remains.

Start a Maintenance Strategy

This is where professional tile and grout cleaners and restoration professionals come into play! Hiring a pro can save you money in the long run, and keep your floors looking like new a whole lot longer. At Commercial Cleaning & Restoration, we know property managers are busy. Property management companies deal with a constant influx of maintenance and repair issues, and tenant requests and complaints, for lots of properties. So, when you’re looking to clean or repair the tile, you want a cleaning company who can get the job done correctly and work around your schedule.

Here are our tips for your tile care needs:

  • Let us help develop a maintenance strategy for your property
  • re-grouted and sealed periodically
  • odor removal
  • break large areas of tile down into smaller sections and alternate maintenance of each section
  • Use specially trained technicians. IICRC Certified.

And once you have a maintenance strategy in play, you can rest easy knowing your tile investment is protected.

If you are considering putting carpet tiles in your business, at some point you will need to consider Commercial Cleaning & Restoration.  We are an IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification) Certified Firm and our technicians are trained on the proper cleaning of this type of flooring.

We have great rates and flexible schedules, so we can clean at a time that is convenient for you and your staff.  Call Commercial Cleaning & Restoration 520-214-4376 for a FREE ESTIMATE.


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