tips for getting deposit back It is that time of year. You know, when the weather starts to warm up, your current lease is about to expire and you have that feeling to start looking for your next home. Whether this is your first rental you will be leaving or not, renters sometimes do not know what occurs during the move-out process and how to prepare.

Move Out Tips for All Renters

We have generated some move-out tips for all renters, in hopes they take our advice to help ensure they receive their full deposit back.

TIP #1

Upon moving into a property, it is always necessary to do a walk through and take pictures of everything. You want to make sure that the pictures reflect any issues and condition of the property before moving in. The same idea applies when moving out. Document and take pictures of the condition in which you left the property. If confronted by the landlord or property manager, this will help reflect what is and is not your responsibility.

TIP #2

Two words: carpet cleaning. This is a service that is usually required by property managers after a tenant moves out and a new tenant arrives. There are two ways you can go about having the carpets cleaned. The first option is to have the fees taken out of your security deposit. This can benefit you if you happen to be busy or are on a strict deadline. Option two is that you pay for it out of pocket and provide a receipt to the property manager or landlord. Many property managers will require you to hire professionals with truck-mounted systems, so do not try to skimp pennies and cost yourself more in the long run. “What about renting the Rug Doctor from my local grocery store?” Or, “I have a Bissell machine and can do the cleaning myself.” Unfortunately, those are generally excluded from the actual move-out cleaning; however, those are great options for maintaining the carpet condition in between cleanings.

TIP #3

Renters generally forget to review this tip, so pay attention!  Look at the garage and driveway before you vacate. If there is staining of some type, it is important to have those addressed because they can cost you dearly. A quick power wash can help to save you a large amount of your deposit. This is especially important if you are renting in a sub-division with an HOA as removing oil stains, etc., may be mandated in the lease as the renter’s responsibility.

TIP #4

Lastly, we encourage tenants to plan ahead with their services. If you plan on hiring a cleaning service to do the “deep cleaning,” this is generally a service that is hired first, with the carpets being last. A good rule of thumb is to schedule the cleaning when the property is vacant and at least a day prior to the final inspection. This helps to ensure dirt and grime are not tracked throughout the carpet. A good recommendation is to use the vendors that your property managers or landlords use and trust, as this can avoid conflict. As you can imagine, tenants venture out and try to save money, then the property manager or landlord is not pleased with the cleaning. They then bring in their trusted vendors to do the job to their satisfaction. This causes the renter to pay out of pocket for the ones they hired, plus a portion of their security deposit gets deducted to pay for the second cleaning.

Additional Questions?

We hope these tips help you become more aware of what is expected upon move-out and help retain your security deposit. If you have any additional tips our questions, please feel free to contact Commercial Carpet Cleaning at We will be glad to answer your questions or share your suggestions!

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