Tips to Keep Your Tile and Grout Clean

Tips to Keep Your Tile and Grout Clean

Tips to Keep Your Tile and Grout Clean


Tips to Keep Your Tile and Grout Clean A tile floor is a great addition to any home. It looks great and prevents the risk of water damage to carpets. However, tile flooring can be difficult to keep clean and look nice. The grout between the tiles can especially be a challenge. Here are a few tips for maintaining beautiful tile flooring in your home.

Start With Mild Cleaners

Start with mile cleaners and gradually increase in strength as needs require. Before using a cleaner on your tile experiment with it on a small, inconspicuous portion of tile to ensure it doesn’t erode the tile or cause any damage.

Some stains obviously require stronger cleaner than others so after experimenting to make sure the cleaner won’t cause any damage use the strength of cleaner necessary for the stains to be removed.  Some stains may require professional attention. Start with lower-strength cleaners and gradually progress up to the stronger stuff according to the type of tiles you have and the severity of the stains.

Be Careful with the Cleaners You Use!

This piece of advice goes hand in hand with tip number one. There are a couple of warnings to adhere to when using grout cleaners. First, take care not to use bleach on colored grout. The bleach will obviously discolor the grout.

Second, be careful when using heavy-duty grout cleaner. It’s very powerful so take care to wear gloves, and protective eyewear, also that the area is well ventilated. Never mix chemicals together, risking volatile chemical reactions. Chemical reactions can cause burns and/or noxious fumes. If you are concerned or have questions be sure to consult a professional.

Use a Stiff Brush for Scrubbing

Whether the cleaner you use is mild or strong use a stiff brush for scrubbing. Old toothbrushes and items with softer bristles often won’t be enough to scrub away the stains. Avoid using metal brushes as they have a tendency to wear away on the tile flooring.

Use Grout Sealer

To keep your grout looking better for a longer period of time you’ll want to use a grout sealer.

Once your tiles and grout have been completely cleaned keep it looking fresh by applying one or two coats of grout sealer. Dependent on the types of floors you have there are different types of grout sealer available so make sure you buy the correct type for your flooring. Consult a professional for more information. Reapply the grout sealer at least once a year or as much as necessary to keep your tile looking like it did after the first day you installed it!

A fashionable tile floor is a fantastic asset to a home. With proper care and maintenance, it will look great for a long time. When not properly cared for, however, it can be a headache and take away from the overall look of a home.

Your tile flooring will continue to be a beautiful part of your home as you use the proper types of cleaner with care and caution, use stiff brushes for scrubbing away stains, and consistently apply grout sealer. Call us at Commercial Cleaning and Restoration.


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