Why Clean Your Carpets Often?

Why Clean Your Carpets Often?

Why Clean Your Carpets Often?

Are you cleaning your carpets as often as you should?
Are you cleaning your carpets as often as you should?

How often should your carpets be cleaned, you may ask. Experts claim that carpets should go under professional carpet cleaning at lease once a year. It’s even recommended to do so three or four times, especially if you plan on doing it yourself.

Why Clean Your Carpets Often?

Then again, another question you may ask now is why you should clean your carpets so often. That is a great question and here is why!


Every homeowner loves to have great looking carpet. With regular cleaning and maintenance both by you and from professional carpet cleaners, your carpet will not only be free pollens, dust, mold and pet dander, but it’ll also look great for a long time.

Carpets can make for quite an expensive investment. They’re not likely to last as long as you want. Though, with proper placement, regular cleaning and maintenance, carpets will not only last for years, but even for decades!

Better Indoor Air Quality

Carpets act as a filter and it is there where all sorts of particles like pollen dust, mold and pet dander accumulate. And, if carpets aren’t cleaned regularly, anyone living in your house that’s has asthma or allergies will have breathing problems all year round.

Long Term Investment

Anything you buy for your house is an investment and good carpets don’t come cheap. As such, you’ll want them to last for as long as possible. The only way to do this is to ask have your carpet cleaned or clean it yourself every few months.

Even if you clean it yourself regularly, an annual professional carpet cleaning session is an investment you’d want to make just to make sure that your carpet lasts as long as possible.

Commercial Cleaning & Restoration has a professional carpet cleaning (caring) system that will improve the appearance and extend the life of your carpeting. Your indoor air quality will also be tremendously improved which in turn will promote better health and easier breathing. Plus, we’ll be able to remove stains that other cleaners left behind.  Let us help you! Call now!

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