New Tile Trends

New Tile Trends

New Tile Trends

Bathrooms are important as both public and private spaces in your home. Commercial Cleaning & Restoration can make your bathroom tile and grout shine to reflect your pride and style.

Here Are Some Tile Fashion Tips

Renovating your bathroom is a double winner. Not only will you get a space you enjoy daily, but you will also get a great return on your investment. Many realtors believe you can recoup much of your cost at resale.

So before you replace your 4-inch tiles with more 4-inch tiles, consider six of the hottest trends for tiles in 2016.

  • Wood look tiles – Faux timber tiles have been popular for a couple of years and their quality continues to improve. 2016 will see these planks on the walls as well as the floors. Look for weathered, aged, distressed, and barn wood. The stylish size is getting even longer; the new favorite tiles will be 24 inches in length.
  • Better than brick – Pretend bricks are much easier to maintain than the real thing and make a classic loft look on at a great price. Most brick tiles are the predictable size and colors. The latest looks are creative patterns like herringbone, chevron, or basket weave.
  • Glamorous and Industrial Metallics – Metal finishes have been shining for the last few years and don’t seem to be dulling. They complement natural elements and elevate the mundane. Both satin and brushed finishing will take over the super shiny, polished look.
  • Sophisticated Handmade – Forget the cookie cutter, predictable, and mass produced. Look for artisanal, handcrafted tiles to infuse rich texture and visual appeal. Rustic terracotta is always popular but looks for graphic and bold designs.
  • Multidimensional – European companies have mastered the 3D look with wavy lines, beveled edges, and raised geometrical textures. These high-end tiles make a huge splash with minimal color. Think of this as a durable, sculptural wall.
  • SuperSize Up – Large format tiles are overtaking the subway tile and mosaic backsplashes. Fewer grout lines allow the eye to glide over the space and read as more spacious.

Tile is versatile, stylish, and durable. Owners love it for the ease of day-to-day cleaning. To protect your investment, the experts at Commercial Cleaning & Restoration can assist. Stained grout can often be cleaned with a simple household eraser. More stubborn stains might lift with scouring powder and some elbow grease. (Let it sit before washing off with warm soup and water.)

Mold and mildew can grow in damp bathrooms. Utilize exhaust fans after showering. A diluted ammonia spray can stop the cycle and seek professional help if you are worried you may have a mold issue in your bathroom.

If these chores don’t work, call us for help. We can remove the dirt and grime that build up over time and make your bathroom look it’s best. We also apply a protective sealant to keep your tile and grout looking great. We can also perform other home maintenance services on the same visit, including professional carpet cleaning and area rug cleaning.


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